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Tersilio Metodo Classico


Riserva del Fondatore  Metodo Classico

Pinot Noir

Tersilio Riserva del Fondatore

Classical Method D.O.C.G.

Lombardy - higher Oltrepò hills
Commune of Montalto Pavese 390 m asl.

Plot n. 91 0.52 hectare in the farm named Vecchievigne 100% Pinot Nero clone 521. The exposure is south-west and the soil is limestone and clay with occasional streaks of stony marl. The plants are grown with Guyot pruning with a density of 3200 vines per hectare.

Manual from the third week of August a soft pressing of fresh grapes followed by fermentation in small temperature controlled stainless steel vats.

In late spring, the entire batch of wine from this vineyard is bottled for its long fermentation. After at least 72 months of aging on its yeasts it is disgorged and aged for a further 6 months in its bottle. Marketed after at least 8 years.

Champenoise bottles, in horizontal boxes of 6.

Visual description: bright golden yellow with an extremely fine and rare perlage.

Bouquet: fruity with hints of hazelnuts, exotic fruit and peanut butter, a mineral finish.

Palate: the first sip exalts a taste of freshly baked croissant and a fullness, flavour and complexity worthy of only the best blanc de noir.

Serving Temperature: 8°/6 ° C.

Food Pairing: This aged Spumante wine of long maturation, does not leave the cellar before 7/8 years.Well matched with ‘food excellences’ of meat, fish, or mature cheese based Mediterranean dishes, also well paired with a traditional casëula.