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Grappa Reissende tiere


Reissende Tiere Grappa

Riesling Renano

Reissende Tiere

Single Vine Grappa

This single Riesling vine grappa is the brainchild of 'Kaiser', Gianni Vittorio Capovilla the master of the art of distillation, this artifice is produced in bain-marie with alembic pot stills, This freshly drained and fermented marc from the town of Montalto Pavese, worthily represents the "heart" of the Riesling Valley,the meticulous care in the production chain allows this noble distillate to encompass the fragrance, the soul, the body and the "spirit" of this grape variety together with this unique territory.

The origin of the name Riesling was 'Riessede Tiere', meaning "wild animal" fully depicts the characteristics of this distillate.Eccentric, outspoken and untamed.

Visual description: white, full transparency, clear and brilliant.

Bouquet: fine and persistent, slightly mineral, frank and ample, hints of peaches and apricots, with pleasant balsamic sensations.

Palate: dry with a soft streak, warm and soothing, extremely persistent and harmonic, the aftertaste expresses balsamic and mineral reminisces.